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Dirt Work Services & Rentals

At Aim Construction Services Company LLC, we have one simple goal - to get your dirty work done! Locally owned and operated by folks who've been in San Juan County for over 30 years. Our personal service and attention to detail give you a no-hassle, no-wait, affordable solution for getting all your dirt work done!

We serve Four Corners Region: Farmington, New Mexico, Durango, Colorado and Pagosa Springs, Colorado area.

Aim Construction Services Company LLC, is a licensed and insured general contractor (NM-GB98 #388047)
Services are charged by the Day, Half Day, Multi-day, Contract, or Project Bid

Services include the following:
Tractor Work and Rentals

Two loader tractors to choose from: 
John Deere 4710 (46 HP), and John Deere 4100 (20 HP); both include box scraper or rear blades.

Dump Trailer Hauling and Rentals
PJ 14 foot Hydraulic Dump Trailer. Larger Dump truck available for bid work with operators.
Two tillers, Brush Hog Mower, Seeder.

We can handle just about any needed dirt work on your site.  Whether in a half or full day block, or a bid project, our hard-working laborers can assist you with the following services and more……

● Exterior Cleans   ● House Sweeps / Shop-Vac Cleans  ● Trenching / Back Filling ● Power Washing
● Material Stacking ● Hand Grading  ● SWPPP Maintenance  ● Tree and Brush Work
● Garage Clean Out ● Anything…Just Ask!

Our goal for homeowners is simple – to quickly, affordably, and professionally handle all of the dirty work and pesky tasks around your home that you don't want to do yourself or don't have time to do yourself. That’s where we come in.  Whether it's a bother, a burden, a labor, a load or just a plain nuisance.  
We have a crew that can clean up the mess. We can get your “Dirty Work” done.

Property/Building Maintenance and Cleanup
ACSC can provide industrial or commercial services for property and building maintenance such as: Removing and hauling off surplus scrap, obsolete equipment, weeds/ brush, and waste. Pressure wash buildings, equipment, asphalt, concrete. Perform seasonal maintenance, repairs, and detailed cleaning.  Just about anything-Just Ask!
Pressure Washing & Cleaning Services
ACSC has the ability to quickly, efficiently, and effectively pressure wash or scrub your building, parking lot, sidewalks, driveways, equipment and large or small vehicle fleets. We also have the equipment to clean and maintain large floors (with or without specialty coatings).

Call us and see what we can do to create a better looking, more efficient and more productive environment for your business.

Materials, Waste, & Debris Hauling
ACSC can provide you with any needed materials. Our crews will deliver them right to you. Our dump trailers are available for any needed haul-ins or   haul-offs.

● Structural Fill  ● Landscape Rock ● Road Base       ● Specialized Materials ● Anything!

● Trash ● Scrap ● Dirt/Rock     ● Landscape Debris ● Concrete/Masonry   ● Anything!

We can also provide any needed loading via loaders for staged haul-offs and our grading services can help spread or grade out any materials delivered. Give us a call with your needed materials and quantities and we will get a bid and some trucks headed your way! 

ACSC has the ability to quickly, efficiently, and effectively haul debris and improve homes, businesses, and construction sites. We approach waste removal in different ways depending on your situation in order to accommodate the right combination of cost, appearance, and accessibility for your particular site.

We know that no two jobs are the same and one trash solution does not work for all homeowners, businesses, or builders.  We will accommodate the needs and requests of our clients.  We have loader tractors and trailers in order to quickly and efficiently remove construction debris from your jobsite, rubbish from your home garage or surplus equipment and scrap from your business. 

We excel by creating simple and logical solutions for your situation..

Our grading services include skilled operators and tractors with box scrapers or rear blades. Each "crew" comes with an operator and a helper along with the machine. 

We can handle any of the following work:
● Lot scrapes  ● Lot clears  ● Rough grades  ● Final grades  ● Rock / Road base grading
● Miscellaneous grading work

In tandem with our dump trailers, we can spread or grade out any materials that we deliver to your site.  We can also provide staged haul-offs using our machinery to load and our dumps to haul off.
Construction Site Services
At ACSC, our goal for builders is about results. We’ll professionally handle all of your site services, on time, on budget and with one simple phone call. We know the biggest challenges for a superintendent are finding enough time to complete tasks and maintaining the appearance of the jobsite. We can help you with both.

Don’t call one company for your trash, another for grading, environmental controls, security fencing, demolition, and so on. As your site services contractor, we seek to consolidate those needs to save you time and money. One of the ways we deliver on this is by always being there to answer calls, address concerns, and fix problems of all shapes and sizes. We are realistic and we understand construction. We understand that in this business, mistakes happen - but we differentiate ourselves by always being available to listen, react, repair, and rebuild.

We are a solution oriented company dedicated to solving problems.

● Construction Clean Up Inside & Out
● Grading
● Labor
● Materials, Waste, & Debris Hauling
● Environmental Controls 

Environmental controls are a small but important part of any jobsite, when not properly maintained or installed, can lead to problems with inspectors, security and cleanliness. 

We can handle all of your needs including:
• Slit fencing  • Inlet protection  • Orange fencing  • Stabilized construction entrances  • Tree protection

Our crews install each item appropriately, so they maintain their durability throughout the course of the project.  And since our crews are cross trained in trash and jobsite controls, we are on your site frequently and are available and equipped to touch up any items that have been damaged or need repair or replaced.

● Demolition Services
We can demo, ruin, wreck, destroy, deconstruct, or salvage, just about anything.  Our highly skilled crews are led by construction professionals who will keep and leave your site clean, safe, and trade-ready. Whether it’s a delicate interior project in need of prep work or a messy and noisy exterior project, we can handle that and everything in between.

• Selective Demolition:  Interior or Exterior  • Deconstruction, Salvage, and Prep Work • Full Structure Demolition

ACSC is always respectful of the job site and the client’s property.  Our team hauls all demo trash daily so you’ll never have to worry about the safety hazards associated with a messy job site.

● Recycling
We believe in recycling appropriate materials and maintaining green job sites whenever possible.


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