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Don't Settle for Inferior off the Shelf Epoxy Paints---Step Up to Quality Epoxy Systems!

Epoxy offers many solutions for your flooring needs. We have Epoxy Floor products formulated for all types of applications including:

Automotive Service
Aircraft Hangers
Apartment Complexes
Shops / Garages
Commercial / Retail
Concrete Repair & Restoration

Food & Beverage
Data Centers
Commercial Interiors
Polished Concrete 
Health Care Services
Animal Care Services
Government & Municipalities
Aquatic & Wet Facilities
Sports & Fitness Facilities
Universities / Campuses
Refrigeration / Freezers

           Decor Flooring comes in Solid Colors, Chip, Quartz & Metallic

When you think about it, you don't want a water-related material for these applications. You want a water-proof floor—so that when you wash it, you have a surface that won't absorb water—or anything else that lands on it. 
Your floor needs a fabulous new look, and not every product will do. Many coatings are just solid colors. We not only have different styles of quartz or chip blends, we also have a line of metallic epoxy flooring.

The Everlast™ Solid Color Floor is a translucent epoxy that beautifies your concrete floor while providing a seamless and durable finish.

Chip floors are available in many different color combinations. You are guaranteed to find a color that you absolutely love!
Quartz Floors have tiny granules of colored silica sand and quartz with a faint sparkle.
Put a Metallic finish on your floor if you're looking for a modern look and feel for your establishment or if you want to have a floor that is as unique as your personality. Everlast™ Epoxy Flooring is a superior combination of everything you've been looking for.
Our flooring is slip-resistant, seamless and easy to clean. It's strong, yet flexible, and sanitary. Let us design a system for Your application and budget.
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Auto Service - Garage Floors

Everlast™ Service Floor is the model solution to transform your rough, dirt grabbing concrete floor into an attractive clean surface.
Specially formulated for Auto Service Floors this surface won't be a welcome home for dirt and grease. Better yet, it cleans with soap and water. You will notice how much brighter the space is now because the floor reflects light instead of absorbing it.
Whether you are installing a multi-coat troweled surface, or a sophisticated glossy showroom floor for fine motorcars; first impressions do matter. So create that sparkling environment that will make an impact for decades. 


Shop Floors

We've gone to great lengths to engineer a system-tested and proven-to take the hard hits, grinding movement repetition, vibration and generated heat from any number of heavy machines and equipment that drive their forces into the floor that you depend on to withstand them.
We start with Everlast™ Epoxy's Shop Floor Epoxy Primer to bond with the concrete surface and restructure it into a homogenous configuration that prevents spalling and fissures.   
Next a layer of binder. This coating is embedded with quartz mineral, evenly distributed, to ensure it does the job everywhere with equal efficiency. This gives it durability and strength. 
The third layer is a second binder that doubles the strength of the first as well as encapsulating the quartz mineral aggregate to maintain its viability. 
The last application is Everlast™ Epoxy's Shop Floor high performance urethane glaze coat that shields the complete floor system from chemical decomposition. 
Everlast™ Floor is a poured and troweled, resin-rich, flooring. We use the industries best resins to formulate flooring that can withstand high temperatures. Our flooring is flexible, so it outlasts its other epoxy counterparts.
Everlast™Floor has developed and tested multiple formulations to withstand many different chemical exposures. 
Contact us so discuss your floors unique challenges, so we can recommend the right solution tailored just for you.

Everlast™ Floor

Everlast™ Floor is a seamless marble-chip and quartz commercial epoxy flooring specifically formulated to meet the high demands of many applications and a recycled glass epoxy floor (Everlast Eco Floor) which has the same properties as Everlast Floor, except it is made from recycled content.
Everlast™ floor can be installed over new concrete, wood, tile, VCT, and many other types of commercial flooring. It is a fast application - it is ready for traffic within 24 hours.
Your new Everlast™ Floor will be seamless and easy to clean. Everlast™ Epoxy Flooring can be applied down into the troughs and up the walls to form a cove base to create a waterproof surface with no seams or cracks for dirt or germs to hide.

Sanitary & Antimicrobial Flooring

Everlast™ Epoxy Flooring is made with an EPA registered antimicrobial additive to restrict the growth of microorganisms. Other flooring typically uses an antimicrobial layer on the top, which can easily be breeched by harsh detergents, and chemicals.

Slip Resistant

Our flooring is textured from the marble chips we use. It has a coarse, pebbled, ribbed, but non-abrasive surface. In areas which will not be constantly wet, no additional grit is needed, as your floor will have non-slip properties from the natural texture of the stone.


Everlast Floor's resin-rich formula allows the floor to bond to the concrete or wood substrate while curing, so it becomes part of the sub-floor. Your Everlast Epoxy floor will not crack and peel apart like epoxy floor paints and/or quartz broadcast floors commonly do.
Other epoxy flooring is hard and brittle, but Everlast's is strong, tough, and flexible.

Easy to Clean

Your new Everlast Epoxy floor will not require any periodic waxing or refinishing.
Everlast Epoxy's flooring is a breeze to clean. Mop the floor using detergent and water. Dirt and grime are easily removed because the floor is non-porous. Our flooring can also be pressure washed.

Epoxy Flooring that is quality.

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