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Stained Concrete
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We offer custom design and will turn your vision into reality.
Stained concrete is known for its beauty and functionality. Concrete can be stained inside or outdoors. If you are looking for a unique look on your concrete surface we can help. 

Sealing and Transparent Dye

Transparent Gray Dye applied to concrete surface.
Monotone Color 
Finish Options for Concrete Dye Floor: Matte Finish or Semi-Gloss
Reseal 2-5 Years

For Polish Concrete go to page Polished Concrete

Acid Stain

Multiple Step Application
Multiple Color Application for a Modeled Look
Multiple Step Process

Finish Options for Acid stain:
Matte Finish Reseal 2-5 years
Poly Finish longer wear up to 10 years

Picture is Acid Stain with Poly Finish

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